California-based producer Nitro Heist's unfaltering passion for music is derived from its ability to lift spirits and inspire. His genre-bending brand of electronic music is the vehicle through which he creates synergy and harmony, and has taken him on a journey of sonic exploration bound by the limits of imagination. 

Always moving homes throughout his childhood, one of the only constants in life was his stepdad's jaw-dropping musical ability. When he sadly passed, he left Nitro Heist his fender acoustic guitar and Ibanez bass, with these strings initiating his delve into the world of music production.   

Throughout his school years, he performed as a bassist, guitarist, and singer in more than a few bands ranging from hardcore to punk to indie, as well as having experimented with genres such as Melodic Dubstep, Future Chill, Trap, Synthwave, and Future Bass to name just a few in his electronic discography. 

Nitro Heist is keeping an open-minded, solemn, and humble approach to his music to ensure that his multitude of influences can always find a place within his productions. Also an avid fan of the written word, he is not one to shy away from dropping inspiring lyrics into his imaginative tracks. 

Above all, Nitro Heist creates to express. For him, music is the ultimate form of expression of everything in life. Each production reflects both his current feelings and the sum total of all of his experiences, with the sense of purpose and pride that he associates with his productions acting as the driving force to create.  

After a string of releases throughout 2021, fans can expect Nitro Heist's love for music to carry on reflecting through his productions in 2022.